TV Writers Reviews

TV Writers rave about Movie Magic® Screenwriter™

"We've actually been using Movie Magic Screenwriter once we discovered how much it kicked the ass out of Final Draft."

Trey Parker, Director/ Writer/ Producer Co-Creator, South Park

"Movie Magic Screenwriter is like a highly efficient member of the crew"

Tim Kring, Executive Producer/Creator, Heroes, Crossing Jordan

"I can't imagine working in the business without MOVIE MAGIC SCREENWRITER!"

JON CASSAR, Director/Co-Executive Producer, Golden Globe Winner, 24 on Fox (winner of 11Emmys)

"Once I tried Movie Magic Screenwriter, I never looked back.There is NO other screenwriting software as good as this!"

Tracey Stern, Writer/Producer, Desperate Housewives

"I use Movie Magic because Paul Haggis and David Shore told me to. And yes, I've done about everything they've eversaid to do -- which has worked out well for me."

Lawrence Kaplow, Writer/Producer, House M.D.

"I use it. I like it. And apparently they're not giving me anything for saying that."

David Shore, Writer/Producer, House, Family Law, Law and Order.

"Movie Magic Screenwriter provided the seamless transition I needed to make the leap to modern time."

Ann Donahue, Writer/Executive Producer, C.S.I.

"I don't have to think about anything except the scene I want to create. The program formats for me.Spells for me. And allows me to focus. I'll be sticking with Screenwriter for the rest of my career."

Carol Mendelsohn, Writer/Executive Producer, C.S.I.

"Too bad Producers, Directors, and Studios aren't as easy to work with as Movie Magic Screenwriter."

Jim Kouf, Writer/Producer/Director, Ghost Whisperer, National Treasure, Rush Hour, Stakeout, ConAir

"Movie Magic Screenwriter is so versatile and easy, your scripts will write themselves. Seriously. We haven't been to work in months"

Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, Creators/Writers/Executive Producers, How I Met Your Mother on CBS

"Oy, what a program! Movie Magic even turns my schtick into gold!"

Dava Savel, Emmy-winning Producer/Writer, Ellen, Grace Under Fire, Will & Grace, Book of Daniel

"Easy to learn, simply to use, Move Magic is by far the best Screenwriting software I've ever used."

John Tinker, Emmy-Winning Writer/Producer, St. Elsewhere, L.A. Law, Chicago Hope, The Practice

"In the time that I've been a television writer, I've used every single script writing/formatting program that's been on the market so I can say unequivocally that Movie Magic Screenwriter is the best out there. It not only has better features than the competition but, more important, the features work as advertised. In fact, my dislike of Final Draft has become a running joke on shows where I've been forced to begrudgingly use it."

Bill Freiberger, Writer, THE SIMPSONS (Emmy Nominee), DRAWN TOGETHER (Executive Producer)

"A resourceful, ever-reliable writer's friend and helper. With this software, Shakespeare could have been a contender."

Larry Gelbart, Writer, Tootsie, Barbarians at the Gate

"This testimonial may be a cliche but at least its mine....Movie Magic Screenwriter is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS and areal help—if only it had a make it funnier button!"

Jon Plowman, Head of Comedy Entertainment, BBC TV UK

"Of all the popular screenwriting programs, Movie Magic is my favorite. It is by far the most user friendly."

Patrik Ian Polk , Creator, Director, Executive Producer, Noah's Arc

"Movie Magic Screenwriter is as easy to use as a legal pad and pencil."

Steven Long Mitchell (Executive Producer/Writer-- She Spies and The Pretender)

"I am writing this in praise of Movie Magic Screenwriter. Asa writer on CTV's critically acclaimed series The Eleventh Hour, I have worked with many script writing programs, and I can honestly say that Movie Magic is the best. The benefits of Movie Magic are manifold: first of all, it is dependable, consistent and trustworthy. So far we have never had the unfortunate dilemma(which we experienced frequently while using Final Draft) of the program forgetting to star a revised draft -- a very unpleasant experience considering that an unstarred draft is a disaster for ADs and actors who only look for stars in order to ascertain what has changed in a script. Furthermore, Movie Magic is so easy to use! The program took me about ten minutes to learn and after about twenty minutes, I was using it like a pro. It is definitely the most reliable, easy to navigate and practical program I have ever used. Thanks Movie Magic!"

Sean Reycraft, Writer and Story Editor, The Eleventh Hour

"I've used Movie Magic on three screenplays, an MOW and a pilot. It's simple, intuitive and 'what you see is what you get'. It's functional right out of the box, which I need because I don't use all the bells and whistles. I like it very much and I plan to continue using it. The tech support is excellent."

Eric Bogosian, Writer / Actor, Talk Radio; Wake Up And Smell The Coffee