Student Reviews

Students rave about Movie Magic® Screenwriter™

"Using Movie Magic Screenwriter allows my creativity to come forward and focus on the action and characters. I can finally finish my screenplays now that I am not tangled up with formatting."

Nicole Austin, Student

"Movie Magic is a great piece of kit. It helped me gain my recent master's degree in Radio and TV Scriptwriting. I've also used it to write DVDs for my work at Theatre in - one of the UKs leading training and communications companies. It's so easy to navigate and the tools really are simple but highly effective. I'm not surprised so many industry leaders use it. I'd happily recommend it to anyone looking for a very professional scriptwriting package; no matter what stage they're at in their career."

Elwyn Slim Parry, Student

"Movie Magic Screenwriter changed my view of class and of screenwriting as a profession. It has allowed me to pursue this as a profession with ease and simplicity."

Chauncey Dunn, Student

"Movie Magic Screenwriter has simplified the screenwriting process, and allows me to concentrate on the story while it concentrates on the structure."

Jeff Iblings, Student

"All the new extras (Text-To-Speech, Internet Collaborating) help me tremendously and appeal to my inner-geek."

Nathan Fell, Student

"Movie Magic Screenwriter gets the B.S. out of the way and let's you write."

William Denham, Student

"I am surprised at how easy it is to use Movie Magic Screenwriter. It saves me any enormous amount of time."

Gerry Huerth, Student

"I find Movie Magic Screenwriter extremely easy to work with. Just load the program and start typing ! Your a screenwriter from their on ! It's an essential tool in the screenwriters arsenal."

Erik I. Semelis, Student

"This is the best screenwriting software I have ever used."

Kelly Shantz, Student