Industry Experts Use Movie Magic Screenwriter

Industry Experts rave about Movie Magic® Screenwriter™

"With every script, I discover some new feature of MOVIE MAGIC SCREENWRITER to make my life easier, but the greatest feature of all is that a complete beginner can start it up and be writing immediately."

Bryce Zabel, (While as) Chairman
Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

"I recommend Movie Magic Screenwriter to anyone just starting out in the entertainment industry or to a seasoned professional. The ease and efficiency within which the system operates is unparalleled by any other software on the market today! A significant advantage, especially for filmmakers on a budget is the ease with which Screenwriter integrates with the Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling packages."

Narendra Reddy, Vice President, Programming & Development
NBC Universal

"This program makes the technical challenges of the screenplay format go away so you can just concentrate on what people do and say. It's unobtrusive and logical. Unlike most technology, it simply does its job without making life more complicated, and you know your work will look totally professional."

Chris Vogler , Author of The Writer's Journey, and Myth in the Movies by Stuart Voytilla, with introduction by Chris Vogler, also from Michael Wiese Productions

"Undoubtedly Movie Magic Screenwriter is the BEST screenwriting software on the market."

Carlos de Abreu, New York Times Bestselling Author
Founder and Executive Director
Hollywood Film Festival® and Hollywood Screeenplay Awards™

"I once called this program Lear Jet on auto-pilot, smoothly excellent, approaching artificial intelligence. Not any more. It's better."

Skip Press, Author of three editions of the Complete Idiot's Guide to Screenwriting (including the Russian version).

"Movie Magic Screenwriter was instrumental in our game design process. The interactive template was robust and the standard script format helped us put together a professional script for Bruce Campbell and the other actors who provided the voice talent for 'Evil Dead: Hail to the King'..."

Kris Jackson, Game Designer, Heavy Iron Studios

"Versatile, practical, and easy to use. The screenwriter's best friend.

"Ready, click, write - it's that easy with Movie Magic Screenwriter. The software I recommend to clients, students and professional writers.

"You do the writing while Movie Magic Screenwriter does the formatting. The most practical, versatile, and user-friendly software out there."

David Trottier, Author aka Dr. Format in Script Magazine
The Screenwriter's Bible: A Complete Guide to Writing, Formatting, and Selling your Script (#1 Screenwriting book at

"Screenwriter—I started working in television on sitcoms as a writers assistant. Back then we used the DOS program of MovieMaster and could only put half a script on each file. When Final Draft came along we felt like it was our knight in shining armor. Who'd have guessed that just a few years later a program like Screenwriter would come along making Final Draft look like MovieMaster!? Screenwriter is the first program that really gets what it means to put a script into production. It has all the right tools for me to do my job easily. The only concern now it that it's going to put me out of a job. Once the writers figure out how easy it is...

"In addition, your sales people and tech support are the nicest, most helpful people I've dealt with on ANY product. And now that Final Draft is charging for tech support, you don't only have a loyal user, but a script coordinator who will refuse to work on anything else. And force his writers to do the same! Thanks for being there and making my job easier. Now maybe I have time for my own screenplay..."

Michael F.X. Daley, Script Coordinator
Crossing Jordan, The X-Files, That's My Bush

"Movie Magic Screenwriter does just about everything but write the script for you. Writing with Screenwriter inherently adds a professional polish to any screenplay format, whether written by an amateur or professional."

Frederick Levy, Author - Hollywood 101 - The Film Industry

"It's almost impossible for a program to be all things to all people, but having used Movie Magic Screenwriter as a writer, as a script coordinator, and as a computer consultant, I know Screenwriter can do just that. And I know this not because I stumbled onto Screenwriter and fell in love at first sight, but because I have used all of the other major screenwriting programs. And believe me, the competition doesn't just pale in comparison, it's positively anemic."

Barb Mackintosh, Writer, Ally McBeal

"I love Movie Magic Screenwriter. Especially the import functions. I have downloaded scripts from various web sites and have had no problems getting them into Movie Magic Screenwriter.

"I love the flexibility of Screenwriter, in particular, that it can be easily and quickly adapted to my particular writing preferences."

Rich Whiteside, Author - The Screenwriting Life: The Dream, the Job, and the Reality

"Movie Magic Screenwriter is my script writing software of choice."

Christopher Wehner, editor,

"My last four screenplays, including two for Beacon Pictures, one for Middlefork Productions and one for Miramax have all been done on Screenwriter, and I could not be happier with the results.

"In addition, I am currently teaching screenwriting at the Zaki Gordon Institute for Independent Filmmaking at the Sedona Institute in Sedona, Arizona, where we are also planning on using Screenwriter.

"As far as I'm concerned, it is the premiere software product for professionals on the market."

Dan Gordon, Screenwriter, Director, Producer, Professor
The Hurricane, The Assignment, Wyatt Earp, Passenger 57

"It is not just a truism that not all writing & screenwriting software is the same; even for the most routine day-to-day use… none of it is even in the same league as Movie Magic Screenwriter. If you like to brainstorm within your documents like I do, check out the outline and notes features in Movie Magic that can capture your thoughts on the run, and remain visible, hide or convert to script elements with the click of a button. Navigate with incomparable ease and discover what it is like to have a menu that makes sense. And if you are a producer or filmmaker of any kind, I challenge you to find anything with remotely similar built-in production features and ease of interface with the industry's top scheduling and budgeting software (which these guys just happened to have developed by the way). Want the best? Try anything, but get Movie Magic Screenwriter."

Patrick Horton, Ph. D, The Story Coach