Educator Reviews

Educators rave about Movie Magic Screenwriter

"As both a screenwriter and a playwright, I've used MOVIE MAGIC SCREENWRITER for many years now, and find it perfect for every need. It's flexible, user-friendly and comprehensive in its templates and formats. What's more, whenever I've had a problem--always of my own making --the support team as always been friendly and immediately helpful. I recommend it most highly."

Robin Russin, Author of Writing the Picture, Professor of Screenwriting, University of California, Riverside

"I just started using Movie Magic Screenwriter a month ago and I can’t imagine writing another screenplay without it. In fact, Screenwriter is such an amazing tool that, as a screenwriter, I would rate its significance close to that of the technological leap from typewriter to word processor. It doesn't help you come up with better story ideas, but it does make writing the screenplay a lot easier and quicker. I can recommend the program whole-heartedly to anybody interested in writing screenplays."

Rodger Cove, Instructor, Vancouver Film School

"I have been using Screenwriter for over 12 years. No other screenwriting software comes close to ease of use and vast options. Screenwriter is simply in a league of its own. Screenwriter is the choice of writing program for all film students at Boston University."

John Bernstein, Associate Professor of Screenwriting, Boston University

"I tell my students that screenwriting is all about making choices, most of them difficult, except when it comes to which software to use. That one begins and ends with Movie Magic Screenwriter. It's simply the best, and the only worry-free choice they'll probably ever make."

Drew Yanno, Adj. Assoc. Professor, Film Studies Dept., Boston College

"I have used several scriptwriting software products prior to my introduction to MOVIE MAGIC SCREENWRITER. The other products (one in particular) made me feel as if I were engaged in a fierce battle. At every turn, seemingly insurmountable obstacles and glitches in the sofware would present themselves, ultimately bringing the entire electronic scriptwriting process to a screeching halt. Thank goodness for Movie Magic! Its like having a soulmate. Unconditional support. MOVIE MAGIC means scriptwriting."

Vickey Saunders, Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Radio, Television and Film, Howard University

"I have been teaching an ongoing screenwriting class in San Francisco and have tried every software: there is nothing in the same league with Screenwriter. Two of my students who used the leading competitor (Mac versions) had their entire format discombobulate as they were about to print it. When they called for tech support, their distress was magnified by an operator telling them it would cost $2.50 a minute. Shame on them: Screenwriter is the easiest, most dependable software in existence. And the good folks who make it will always help if there's a problem."

James Dalessandro, Graduate Screenwriting Instructor, Academy of Arts College, San Francisco

"Movie Magic Screenwriter doesn't just make the writing process easier--it makes it more fun. My students feel free to create, and we can focus on crafting story instead of fixating on format. With the help of Movie Magic, my students' output has been dramatic--in a class made up of mostly first-time screenwriters, students have been able to produce full-length, industry-standard, spec scripts, in the space of a few weeks. Best part, this software has inspired them beyond the classroom--class might be over, but Movie Magic is still there to guide them along. A must-have program, for expert or novice."

Tom Coyne, Cowriter, A Gentleman's Game, Professor, St. Joseph's University

"I use MOVIE MAGIC SCREENWRITER. I love it. If you want a screenwriting program that does it all, and does it all flawlessly, then it is the one you should buy. And that's exactly what I tell my students."

Allen Estrin, Senior Lecturer, AMERICAN FILM INSTITUTE (AFI)

"Good movies are all about story, story and story. Movie Magic Screenwriter is a great way to visualize your story, especially with the electronic index card system. Invaluable for writers, directors and producers, it's the best script writing software I've found."

Dale Pollack, Producer - Set It Off, Mrs. Winterbourne, House of Cards, Co - Chair Producing Program ( AFI ), Dean / North Carolina School of Arts

"I won't -- would never -- will not ever conceive of writing another word without Movie Magic Screenwriter. It has made my life and my effort in this already maddening industry a little easier, a little kinder on the soul. Bravo. Congratulations. I'm a big fan."

Gary Garrison, Producer/Artistic Director, NYU's Department of Dramatic Writing

"Screenwriter is an intelligently designed, enormously useful tool all film and tv scribes ought to consider using. It allows writers to concentrate on the hard stuff: story, character, dialogue, allowing the software to address the chores and challenges attendant to creating clear, professional format."

Prof. Richard Walter, UCLA Screenwriting Program Chairman, Screenwriter, Author of Screenwriting: The Art, Craft and Business of Film and Television Writing.

"I've used Screenwriter since day one. Along the way I’ve tried other programs and even macros but for me nothing compares to Screenwriter. It's such an intuitive design that I can actually keep up to my thoughts most of the time.

"At Vancouver Film School we use it in our writing labs because most of our instructors and the majority of the local shows and production companies use it too. It makes it much simpler to get scripts from one office to the next, and that supports everything we are trying to teach students about being a professional."

Dr. Robert Gray, Head of Program Writing for Film,Television and Interactive Media, Vancouver Film School

"Movie Magic Screenwriter gets you to the full confidence of a professional screenwriter as quickly as human and machine possible. There is simply no better screenwriting software. Movie Magic is..... well, magic. Try it! You more than like it, you'll love it."

Dr. Lew Hunter, Screenwriter-producer, UCLA Professor and Screenwriting Chair Emeritus

"I love using the program because it is so intuitive. It keeps getting better and better with each new version. Particularly the Internet collaboration tool. It makes it easier to work with producers and co-writers who are on other coasts or in other countries."

Michele Em, Professor, Writing Division, USC School of Cinema, Writer, Return to Zork