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Comic Writers and Game Developers rave about Movie MagicScreenwriter

"I'm doing a lot of work for Marvel Comics these days, and I'll be doing all of it on Movie Magic Screenwriter."

Charlie Huston, Novelist: Caught Stealing, Already Dead, Six Bad Things Comic Book Writer: Moon Knight (Marvel Comics series)

"I've used Movie Magic for everything from comic books to storyboards for our cinematics, and it's a major time-saver!"

Shane Hensley, Lead Writer, City of Villains, Cryptic Studios

"Comics, Film, Videogames and Television are converging. However, every medium except comics has a standard script format. Until now. With the release of the Gossett & Kayl Comics Template, Write Brothers is now bringing this level of professionalism to comics. This means that any comics writer that wants to be taken seriously better know the tools of the professionals. As this merging of technologies continues, there will be two kinds of writers: Those that know and use the Screenwriter Templates for their stories, and those that won't be able to find work."

Christian Gossett and Bradley J. Kayl, Writers of The Red Star

"Movie Magic Screenwriter is a multi-purpose, user friendly program, and I now use it for all my comic book and animation scripting after nearly ten years of manually formatting in Word."


"I just finished my second script utilizing the Gossot and Kayle comic book format for Movie Magic Screenwriter. What a relief not having to hassle with formatting Word or making do with a movie screenwriting format. Easy to use and very intuitive, I would recomend this program to anyone writing in the comic book field!"

Tom Mandrake, THE SPECTRE, BATMAN, WEAPON X, THE HULK UNCHAINED and CREEPS; Art Director of Comic Book Illustrations for the movie musical ZOMBIE PROM, illustrating THE WOODLARKS SHADOW, a childrens book through Komikwerks and writing and illustrating a horror graphic novel for Moonstone Publishing

"Whether I'm writing for the bigtime Hollywood markets, or creating my own low-budget indie features, shorts and documentaries, Movie Magic makes it happen!"

Max Allan Collins, Author of the graphic novel ROAD TO PERDITION and indie features including MOMMY and REAL TIME: SIEGE AT LUCAS STREET MARKET

"Movie Magic Screenwriter was instrumental in our game design process. The interactive template was robust and the standard script format helped us put together a professional script for Bruce Campbell and the other actors who provided the voice talent for"

Kris Jackson, Game Designer, Heavy Iron Studios