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Streamline™ is an add-on plug-in software program for Movie Magic Screenwriter that helps writers give an extra polish to their screenplays before sending them out to producers, directors, actors, and agents. Streamline examines a script for places where word changes or small edits can reduce the total number of pages. Streamline turns hours of manual drudgery into minutes or seconds of automated work. Streamline gives writers a way to shorten their scripts without cheating!

How does Streamline do it? Streamline scours a script for page-saving opportunities by going through the document, word by word, looking for places that benefit from fine-tuning. Streamline collates, prioritizes, and presents the results in a window as suggestions. Each chance to shorten the script identifies where it is by page and paragraph number, as well as shows the word highlighted in context of the material surrounding it. Streamline suggests what to do with the word and may even display a list of possible synonyms.

In addition to the powerful single-pass through the document option, Streamline can make multiple passes through the document to maximize the potential for reducing the document’s page count. This puts unheard of power at a writer’s fingertips.

SRP: The suggested retail price for Streamline is $39.95.
MANUFACTURER: Write Brothers® Inc.


Streamline 1.0 is available for Macintosh only.

  • Movie Magic Screenwriter (6.0.4 or greater) for Macintosh
  • Mac OS X 10.4.1 or greater
  • 3MB of free disk space
  • An Internet connection

Streamline for Windows is in development, but no release date has been announced.



The Streamline window lets writers scan their scripts in Screenwriter 6. Streamline displays the results as a table of suggestions in the upper half of the window. Highlighted suggestions are displayed in greater detail in the lower half of the window. Suggested text changes may be made quickly and easily.

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Streamline has five different tests it can apply to a script. It can analyze the deletion of words, trailing lines, entire paragraphs, and transitions. There is also a special analysis to see if shortening character names results in savings pages.

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The Streamline window floats above the script and allows writers to see the Streamline suggestions in context. The Streamline window can be sized and moved for maximum convenience.

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"One of those game-changing ideas that you can't believe you lived without."

Hans Tobeason, Co-Executive Producer, TNT's "Saving Grace"

"I used to reserve the last few hours before turning in a draft for honing the page count.  Now I can spend most of that time polishing the writing and let Streamline do the trimming."

Roger S. H. Schulman, Co-Creator/Executive Producer, "J•O•N•A•S"

"Streamline does something much more important than seamlessly trim your page count.  It trims the time it takes to do it."

Roger S. H. Schulman, Co-Creator/Executive Producer, "J•O•N•A•S"

"I tell my partners that screenwriting is primarily a subtractive medium for creative expression - like sculpting in clay. Making stuff up is easy... the real work lies in removing the chaff until nothing is left but a crisp and clear story. Imagine my surprise when I discovered Streamline - an amazing tool that is deeply aligned with how a screenwriter actually works. To the developer of Streamline... I say Bravo!"

Moses Ma, Little Taoist Films

"The new Streamline plug-in doesn't just lower the page count, it helps you understand how much more concise you can be with language, which is of great benefit for both the reader and the writer."


"I hear from screenwriters all over the world who read my books, including people who study at Mosfilm in Moscow. They pick up all the bad habits and bad advice out there, and ask me about it. One of the worst things is "cheating" a script so it will fit a certain page count. I tell them that's folly, because if the script goes into pre-production they'll be found out and it will just cause a problem. So now, I'll be telling them to Streamline, because Streamline helps unproduced writers do what professionals learn through experience - economy of words and eloquence of text." 

Skip Press, Writer,

"Streamline encourages me to be economical and exacting in my use of dialogue and stage directions. This saves running time, but it also helps me craft a better script. Streamline is a welcome add–on to the powerful Screenwriter program."

Will Cooper, Playwright

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